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Workspace HRMS


Workspace HRMS is complete Human resources solution software tool, which is member of the Workspace Software Framework.

The system has been implemented in leading organizations in Kenya some with up to 6,000 employees, with varied contract types such as casuals and permanent, clocking and non-clocking employees, Seasonal, and short-term contracts.

The system is multi-database meaning that where companies which are members of a group are sharing personnel management services, the system needs to be implemented only once.

Corporate Compensation Planner

Workspace Compensation Planner utility enables the Human resources manager to:

Employee Registry

Workspace Employee Registry utility enables the corporate Human resources management to design and configure the employees earning and deduction structure.

Leave Management

The Leave Management module enables the Human Resources Department to schedule employees leave in consideration of the business staffing requirement. Once done, the system generates a leave schedules which can be exported to Microsoft Excel for circulation.

The system then keeps track of the schedule and generates warning when an employee leave falls due. This prompts the human resources department to remind the employee that the leave is due and request a leave application form to be completed.

Once an application is authorized, it is entered into the system to enable the leave days balance to be updated.

Workspace Payroll

Workspace Payroll is the payroll part of the Workspace PPMS System.

The payroll enables the Payroll Accountant to post employees' earnings and deductions for the current and future payroll periods.

The following payroll related functions can be accomplished using Workspace Payroll:

Workspace Time Management

Workspace Attendance Management is the time management part of the Workspace PPMS System.

The time management module in Workspace is designed to integrate with external Attendance Management databases that communicate to the Clocking Machine. Where there is no Clocking Machine installed, Attendance can be manually entered into the system.

During the calculation of the monthly earnings, the absence hours are deducted - for every Earning that is configured to be Time-Dependant.

Workspace Corporate Modeller

Workspace Modeller enables organization management to specify the organization structure in terms of the regions, departments, sections and so on.

The structures can then be used to organize the employees in the Personnel Module.

The organization Calendar and Holidays are also set in this module.

Current developments in this section include organization Goal Modelling which will lead to the implementation of elaboRate employee appraisal functionality