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Client Pains Operations Pains Insurers and TPB Pains
  • Accurate recording of clients Policy Information
  • Keeping track of policy status Information
  • Constantly communicating policy status to clients
  • Fast generation of Policy Documents
  • Generation of voluminous set of letters for communication to the clients
  • easy access to refined information that can aid decision making
  • Reconciliation of Insurers Statement
  • Maintenance of Insurers products

WIBS Configuration

WIBS is our response to the Insurance Brokerage pains. WIBS consists of the following components:

WIBS Value Sharing Consultancy

Our implemetation of Insurance Brokerage Solution starts with extensive consultation with the client business managers in the spirit of Workspace Solution Framework to achive the following goals:

This is the Envisioning stage of a WIBS project whose output products are:

Software Products Implementation

WIBS is implemented using three Workspace products:

  1. Workspace Software Operating System
  2. Workspace iBroker
  3. Workspace Pipes

In cases where integration to a financial system is required, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is recommended. In case a client already has a financial system, such as Scala, Sun, or Accpac, we have developed Workspace Pipes that enable integration to such financial system. In case of other Financial systems, we can generate the required pipes to enable integration.

The following operating systems and database systems will also be required:

Data Migration

In most cases, clients will have existing data that they will required to be imported into the Workspace iBroker system. Such data could comming from the existing system being replaced or from Excel worksheets.

Some clients will require to migrate only the master file records such as client records, risk classes, insurers records. Other clients will require to migrate the master file record and all open transactions.

In all such configuration, we will use Workspace Pipes to configure and move that data.

After the migration, results comming from Workspace iBroker will be compared with results comming from the existing system for verification and Data migration signoff.

Integration With Financial System

Workspace iBroker can integrate with most Financial Management systems.

The integration involve configuration of Workspace Pipes that will be used to pump the data from Workspace iBroker to the Financial system.

Business Intelligence configuration

Management requires information suitable for making business decisions. An information system will deliver business value if it can support managers in making these decisions.

WIBS realises that most business have the software tools required for accessing reports and queries that can, if well configured support business decision making in various business dimensions.

Such a software tool is Microsoft Office which you will find in almost all Insurance Brokerage organizations.

WIBS exploites these opportunity by creating a datawarehouse to capture and organize business information in way that it can be queried by Microsoft Offices tools to deliver business intelligence to the decision making managers.

In cases where sharing is crucial, the reports and queries are implemented in Microsoft Sharepoints so that it is accessible to authorized managers.