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Financial Management applications, Supply chain management, Customer relationship management, Business intelligence, Human resources, and other types of applications typically cannot communicate with one another in order to share data or business rules. For this reason, such applications are sometimes referred to as islands of automation or information silos.

This lack of communication leads to inefficiencies - Identical data stored in multiple locations, processes are unable to be automated, etc..

WSIS Framework

WSIS consist of Workspace Pipes software and systems connectivity consultancy Services.

Workspace Pipes

Workspace Pipes is a general purpose data movement software which is highly configurable and can read and write to different databases. Different database objects such as data tables and views are represented as schema objects. Schema objects are database connection aware and knows where to read and write data.

The schema objects are used to configure the data pipes and the transformation contained therein, including any source or destination look-up.

Systems Connectivity Consultancy

Workspace Systems Connectivity Consultancy Services include the following project tasks: